Pourquoi RiseSmart ?

RiseSmart fait partie des plus grands fournisseurs au monde de solutions de transition de carrière modernes qui renforcent l’image des employeurs, améliorent la rétention et réinvestissent dans les talents. Nous collaborons avec des équipes RH afin de produire des résultats sans précédent et d’orienter les talents en transition vers et en dehors des organisations plus rapidement que la moyenne nationale.

Un Impact Plus Fort 

- 98 % de satisfaction des participants RiseSmart = 2X plus de protection de l’image

- Équipe dédiée de trois professionnels des carrières = une préparation plus rapide

- 3x plus de temps de conseils avec un ratio candidat/coach 80 % plus bas

Des Resultats Plus Rapides

Bénéfices plus rapides pour les employeurs =
~1 000 $ d’économies en termes de réduction du chômage par employé

- 74 % d’intégration dans des programmes = satisfaction
plus élevée

- 60 %plus rapide par rapport à la
moyenne nationale

Valeur Inegalee

- 100 % des frais investis dans des services qui comptent

- 83 %d’intégration pour un salaire supérieur ou égal

- Services d’aide à la reconversion à vie

A Better Experience for Employers

When workforce restructuring is inevitable, large organizations concerned with doing the right thing for employees, protecting the employer brand, and ensuring future business success require an outplacement solution different from the outdated models offered by many providers today.

A True Business Partner

We help HR professionals navigate organizational change with confidence, ease, and superior results. Our dedicated team of industry experts lessens the burden before, during, and after workforce transformations with innovative, customized solutions that deliver peace of mind and high ROI. To ensure your future business success, we provide lifetime cost-saving recommendations and best practices advice.

Clear Line of Sight into Results

Designed to empower HR professionals, our technology platform delivers real-time outplacement performance tracking and analysis, bank-level encryption, immediate insights into alumni employee sentiment, and the ability to easily share data and reports with business units around the globe.

A Better Experience for Your Transitioning Employees

Create a better tomorrow for your business and your employees. Our results-oriented career transition programs get your transitioning employees market-ready quickly, creating faster landings for them and translating to greater cost-savings for you.

Team of Experts

Our team of three, dedicated experts deliver highly-personalized services to meet the needs of all transitioning talent – from executive to non-exempt.

Career Coaching

RiseSmart career coaches are matched on level, functional and industry expertise – not just geography. Our 80% lower candidate-to-coach ratios ensure individual employees have greater accessibility and 3 times more coaching time.

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Resume Writing and Branding

Instead of asking job seekers to prepare their own marketing materials with little support from branding experts, we employ one of the world’s largest teams of professional resume writers to prepare professionally written resumes, social media profiles, and cover letters to get candidates market-ready faster.

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Customized Job Leads

A personal job concierge hand-picks relevant jobs, identifies appropriate networking events and contacts, and creates connections to recruiters based on individual preferences and criteria to keep job seekers focused on the interview process.

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Découvrez ce que RiseSmart peut apporter à votre organisation et à vos employés.